Irucha Investments Limited
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About us


Irucha Investments Limited was established in 2017 by Its CEO, Stephen Macharia Irungu. The company operations started in early 2019. Our company specializes in the production and delivery of quality assorted construction materials.

Throughout our existence, different companies and developers have been relying on us to deliver building materials to the site. Various governmental agencies have been contacting us to deliver murram for construction and upgrade of roads. Our company employs competent personnel from diverse background to handle the ever-growing demand. You can rely on us for timely delivery of quality materials to your construction time at any time.


We not only produce assorted Construction Materials – We are more than that


Having been in the industry for over two years, we now have a clear understanding of our market. While starting, we saw a gap of declining quality assorted construction materials against the growing demand and took the opportunity to bridge the gap. Contractors need quality materials to build strong and durable houses while property owners need value for their money. We started as a supplier to produce and supply quality construction materials.

We have been working with property developers, property owners, contractors, and governmental agencies in our quest to be the leading company in production and supply of quality aggregates. We understand our role in the production of dependable assorted construction materials that spur economic growth in the industry.

As a company, we understand our role in protecting and preserving the environment. As such, we uphold greater health, safety, and sound environmental practices in our quest for developing local and international markets for our products. Our commitment to enhancing ethical business practices has seen us expand into more product lines across different areas.


What You Should Know about Our Assorted Construction Materials

As a company, we only produce and deliver quality assorted construction materials to our clients. We know that paying attention to what makes a successful construction project guarantees a repeat business or referral services to your colleague, friends, and relatives. That is why we are keen on our production and delivery systems.


To consistently satisfy customers expectations by maintaing excellent production of quality products and meeting the ethical practices of the company.


To be Globally recognized as a leading company in production of quality aggregates.