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Supply of Ballast

Ballast is a building material that applies to all construction projects. The ballast you get emanates from the shaping of gravel rock.

For a rock to qualify as a gravel rock, it must meet specific requirements.

Worrying where to get such a rock? At Irucha Investments Company, we are equipped and exposed to the best construction materials. So, don’t worry.

Delivery of Construction Materials

We as a company we do arrangements for deliveries at a cost and ensure materials reach safely to the supplier. We always encourage our customers to plan, in advance to ensure timely delivery of the aggregate construction materials.

As your supplier, we are always happy to deliver materials on time. We only request you to give us ample time so that we prioritize and ensure on-time delivery.

If you are handling a larger project that requires several truckloads of materials, inform us of the best sequence for truck arrivals. For instance, estimate the amount of time it will take your team to level a truckload of murram on road. If you realize that it takes an hour, then schedule the trains to leave hours apart.